Affiliated to Bangalore University, the courses offered are Approved and Recognized by Govt. of Karnataka.

Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com)

About the Department

Department of Commerce of Anupama College of Management and Science is the oldest and most renowned department offering Commerce and Management course affiliated with Bangalore University. B.Com. at the undergraduate level under the Commerce faculty. It has been a pioneer in this field and continues to lead in Commerce and Management courses.

The faculty members are well qualified, dedicated, focused and highly motivated. They work consistently to take this Department forward. Many staff members have published several books which are widely used by all Commerce students and also hold positions in several college and University level committees including Board of Studies, syllabus revision committees, paper setting and evaluation panels etc. The Department has well-furnished classrooms, state-of-the-Computer Lab, Business Lab and a large stock of books in the under-graduate as well as post-graduate libraries.

Duration: Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com.) is a full-time degree course affiliated with Bangalore University

NEP (National Education Policy):

We follow the National Education Policy resulting in aligning its programs with national educational standards and reforms.

The Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) program at Anupama College of Management and Science is well-structured with clear objectives and standards of passing.

Program Objectives:

  • Conceptual Understanding: The program aims to provide students with a strong foundation in core areas of Commerce and Science, ensuring they have a solid conceptual and fundamental understanding of the subjects.
  • Practical Knowledge: Students are equipped with practical knowledge of commerce and industry through project-based learning, which is crucial for real-world applications.
  • Global Competencies: The program focuses on developing global competencies, including creativity, independent critical thinking, and research skills, preparing students to excel in a globalized world.
  • Choice-Based Credits: It offers flexibility for students to earn choice-based credits through various learning platforms, fostering interpersonal, entrepreneurial, and corporate skills, enhancing their employability.
  • Industry Orientation: There is a strong emphasis on industry-oriented learning to enhance students’ career choices and practical knowledge.
  • Standard of Passing:
  • The Semester End Examination is worth 60 marks, while Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is worth 40 marks, making a total of 100 marks for each paper in the semester.
  • To pass a paper, a student must secure a minimum of 40% marks out of 100, which includes a minimum of 24 marks out of 60 in the Semester End Examination. Passing in CCE is not compulsory but can complement passing in the subject.
  • Student is declared “pass” if they obtain a minimum of 40% marks in both the Semester End Examination and internal examination.
  • In case a student falls short of marks in the internal examination, they can make up for it by performing well in the Semester End Examination.
  • There is no separate passing grade for the internal examination; separate passing is only required for the Semester End Examination.
  • To train the students to evaluate and meet the current and future global challenges of rapidly changing business environment.



  • To impart performance-based holistic education in commerce using state of the art technology and infrastructure leading to the development of qualified educationists, academicians, and professionals. 
  • To enhance the management skills and analytical thinking of our students for a successful career.
  • To explore training and development opportunities and continuing education both for students and teachers.
  • To develop  a team of competent, qualified and ICT enabled faculty to lead teaching to research and innovation
  • To involve in projects leading to high-quality research and contribute to the well-being of our citizens
  • To continuously evaluate our performance against suitable benchmarks and to honor the creativity of teachers and students
  • To be recognized as a Department providing Research growth & Education oriented to employability & entrepreneurship in higher education at par with global standards.


  • To provide commercial input for enhancing efficiency and productivity of resource utilisation.
  • To achieve excellence in multidisciplinary research in the areas of Commerce and Management.
  • To provide personalized guidance to students in their career planning.
  • To enable students to undertake various banking activites.
  • To fully utilize ICT in teaching and learning.
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