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Anupama College of Management& Science is an educational institution started in the year 1996 with an aim of providing quality education in the field of Commerce and Computer Science. Anupama College of Management & Science offers a variety of valuable courses and optional subjects (Full time Programme) such as BCA, and

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Students at ACMS have the opportunity to learn from both academicians and industry practitioners, ensuring a well-rounded education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical insights from the industry.


: Meritorious students have access to scholarships, which can ease the financial burden of education and reward academic excellence.

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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

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Professional Certification Courses

ACMS offers professional certification courses designed to prepare students for the demands of the industry.

Industry Exposure:

The institution provides unparalleled industry exposure, allowing students to gain real-world experience through projects, internships, industry visits, and guest lectures.

Constructivist Approach

The use of a constructivist approach to learning emphasizes student involvement and active participation in the learning process, enabling deeper understanding and knowledge retention.

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Problem-Based Learning

Problem-based learning is an effective educational approach that encourages students to actively engage with real-world problems, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Blended and Experimental Learning:

ACMS incorporates blended and experimental learning methods, combining traditional teaching with technology-based platforms. This approach caters to diverse learning styles and preferences.


Student-Centric Approach

: The institution prioritizes a student-centric approach, which means that students are at the center of the educational experience. This approach focuses on meeting individual student needs and fostering personal growth and development.


Technology-Based Learning Platforms

The use of technology-based learning platforms enhances the educational experience, offering students access to a variety of resources and tools to support their learning journey.

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Anupama College of Management and Science provided me with an opportunity to enhance my skill and enriched my knowledge. The College has very interactive teachers who made everyone excited about the classes. I cherished each moment spent in College extra-curricular activities and will remember these moments forever.

Seema N Ex Graduate

I completed my Degree in B.Com from Anupama College of Management and Science. Before joining ACMS, I felt like a small fish trying to swim in a vast ocean. My journey in the college helped me to improve my soft skills and transform me into the confident person I am today. The vibrant campus and fun filled learning in the classrooms with lectures delivered by the experienced and best professors are the golden moments of my life.

Rajesh S

This college is worth applying because the faculty really puts a lot of effort into students. If students have any questions after class or have problems with their homework, teachers are eager to help. Attending this college can also improve your English.

Anna B Computer Science Student

It has been a great experience so far. I have found the professors and staff to be incredibly friendly and helpful as I am working on getting my BCA degree. The curriculum for my major has good structure which can give me the real experience for the field I desire to get into. The staffs are amazing. They have helped me a lot in many ways. I really like this college because I can get the education I desire. I would highly recommend Anupama College of Management and Science to everyone!

Priyanka S. Student

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