Affiliated to Bangalore University, the courses offered are Approved and Recognized by Govt. of Karnataka.

About Us


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About Us

Our college is the brain child of Mrs. KRISHNAVENI R. (ShikshanaRatna Awardee) This institution was established in 1975, we are devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, research and to develop future leaders in many disciplines, who can make difference globally.

The institution’s dedication to excellence in teaching, learning and research is proven, as is the commitment towards nurturing leaders across various fields, producing students which make a global impact.

Gayatri Educational Society:

  • Established in 1975 with a strong commitment.
  • Celebrated 48 years of dedicated service.
  • Krishnaveni R. (ShikshanaRatna Awardee) serves as the President of the society.


Institution’s Journey:

  • The institution’s journey began with Anupama English School, State Syllabus, in 1975 in Bangalore.
  • Over the years, it expanded to include Anupama PU College, Anupama College of Pharmacy, Anupama College of Management & Science, and Anupama School of Nursing.
  • In 2010, the institution ventured into New Cambridge International Public School under Universal Education Society.


Aims of the Institution:

  • Provide excellent academic education.
  • Foster self-confidence and determination in students.
  • Prepare students to become successful entrepreneurs.
  • Help students to excel in their chosen careers in every way.


Academic Excellence:

  • The institution prioritizes academic excellence and provides modern facilities like audiovisual equipment, computer labs, libraries, and advanced laboratories and more.
  • Emphasis on sports and extracurricular activities to develop well-rounded individuals.
  • Engaged with professional organizations and industries to provide practical experience.


Outstanding Achievements:

  • Maintains a 100% academic achievement record in University examinations.
  • Outstanding training to career-aspiring students.
  • Graduates from the institution have successfully pursued careers in various fields, nationally and internationally.


Invitation for Collaboration:

  • Open to collaboration and welcome others to join hands for a bright and rewarding future of the students.
  • It’s evident that Gayatri Educational Society has made substantial contributions to the field of education and has consistently strived for excellence in nurturing students. The commitment to holistic development, academic achievements, and career success has a proven record and is very commendable.