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Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) refers to a student evaluation system, which covers all aspects of activities related to student development.

• It emphasizes two-fold objectives such as continuity of evaluation and assessment of learning outcomes in a comprehensive manner. It covers all the domains of learning i.e. cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains. It treats evaluation as a developmental process.
• Evaluation in the cognitive domain is associated with the evaluation of cognitive abilities such as knowledge, understanding, application, etc.
• Evaluation in the affective domain means evaluation of attributes such as attitudes, motives, interests, and other personality traits.
• Evaluation in the psychomotor domain involves assessing learners’ skills to use their hands (e.g., in handwriting, construction, and projects).

Objectives of Continuous Evaluation
• It makes the process of teaching and learning a learner-centred activity.
• To make the assessment process an essential part of the teaching-learning process.
• To make a fair judgment and take timely decisions for learner’s growth, learning process, learning pace, and learning environment.
• To provide scope for learners for self-assessment.
• To use the evaluation process for improving students’ achievement through detection and correction.

 Different CCE modes:
• Quiz,
• Group Discussion
• Classroom Teaching
• Posters and Model Making
• MCQs
• Assignments
• Lab Exercises
• Practical
• Role Plays
• Report Writing
• Semi Surprise Tests
• PowerPoint Presentation
• Bibliography
• Review of Books
• Literature Review etc. 

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