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The centre promotes awareness in the student community regarding the thoughts and vision as well as continued relevance of the three great architects of modern India. The centre conduct interactive programmes as well as competitions aimed at guiding students to discover for themselves the contribution of the great personalities.

• To create awareness about the Indian Constitution.
• To promote ideologies and create awareness about the contributions made by Dr. B R Ambedkar to the society.

• Orient about the study centre.
• Inculcate constitutional awareness.
• Facilitate books on Ambedkar to promote his ideas.
• Arrange interclass quiz competition on Ambedkar.
• Organize programs on awareness on different areas contributed by Ambedkar.



The Centre promotes the vision and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. Premised on the belief that their philosophies have perennial relevance; the Centre’s continuous efforts will be to locate their ideologies in this day and age and catalyse that it is the answer to the present-day crisis. The forum organizes lecture session and seminars to instil awareness about the relevance of Gandhian ideas for all generation.

• To promote the vision and ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi.
• To create awareness among the students about the contributions made by Gandhian thoughts to the community.

• To hold lecture sessions, seminars, symposiums, workshops and on Gandhian principles and its contemporary relevance.
• To celebrate/remember commemorative days of Mahatma Gandhi in meaningful ways.
• To encourage students to inculcate Gandhian values.


Vivekananda Study Centre regularly conducts guest lectures, workshops and talks on Sri Vivekananda’s thoughts and principles. The centres also conduct various competitions for students which help them to inculcate their values.
The Centre strives to enable students to envision and build a stronger nation by adopting the tenets of Swami Vivekananda. The forum strives towards instilling awareness about the relevance of his ideas for all generation.

• Conduction of lecturer session on Swami Vivekananda.
• Celebration of various commemorative days.
• The institution also holds special identified division and learning infrastructure to support learning related to swamy Vivekananda.

Gautam Buddha Study Center

 Anupama College of Management and Science has recently instituted the Gautam Buddha Study Center. Buddhism ranks as one of the greatest peace loving religion not only in Asia but all over the world. It insists upon values of knowledge and evil of ignorance. Buddhism enjoys the glory of having rightly judged the intrinsic greatness of man’s capacity to work out his salvation, thus stressing the power of the individual to pursue excellence. Buddhism has at its core the concern for the welfare of man, to eliminate human suffering and misery and to lead society towards integrity and dignity of existence.

• To disseminate knowledge of Buddha’s philosophy.
• To promote consciousness raising of the finer sensibilities of life
• To create scholars capable of critical analysis of thought in research.
• To encourage ecumenism amongst the various school of Buddhist thoughts.
• To undertake the interfaith dialogue to promote amity and harmony amongst the people.

• To update the relation between the Buddhist philosophy and sciences.
• To organize orientation program to keeping the flow of Buddhist art and heritage.
• To encourage and motivate student for research on Buddhist art, culture and philosophy.
• To develop society through the spread of Buddhist philosophy and values.
• To establish constitutional values which are quoted in the preamble of Indian constitute.

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