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“Chase your dreams …. but make sure you don’t find shortcuts ….”
– Sachin Tendulkar, The Mind Game of Cricket

We can proudly claim that we have an outstanding Department of Physical Education and Sports. Through the decades, the Department has nurtured students showing potential in any area of sports and has assisted and motivated them to realise their full potential.
• The Department of Physical Education & Sports has established in 1997. The Alumnus of the departments is remarkable one like the field of Politics , Force, Social Services, education, Sports, Culture etc. This department has written its name by winning various awards .

• To develop the Sportsmanship
• To develop scientific attitude
• All round development of the Student
• To acquire leadership qualities & democratic Attitude

By enriching the relationship between physical, intellectual and emotional well-being, we prepare our students for the competitive world outside the College.
To develop leadership, self-management, responsibility, team building, collaboration, communication, sportsman spirit, among students.

• Human Life has various aspects. The aim of education is to achieve all round development of the personality of the youth. It is necessary to develop our-self physically & mentally. In the absence of physical fitness we can’t dream all round development of the personality of the youth. The ancient Indian education system has focused on physical development through exercise & Yoga. The department of Physical Education & Sports has been trying to achieve the following aim & objectives.

All the sports facilities at Anupama College of Management and Science are built in accordance with world-class standards for a professional sporting experience. All facilities for indoor and outdoor games are offered and properly guided by well trained physical educators. From time to time, students are encouraged to participate in Intra-college, Inter-College and the testimony is the scores of awards and prizes won by them in games and sports. We encourage inter-college competitions and conduct ANUSPARDHA Inter-College sports competition every year and prepare our students to excel, building inter-personal skills to promote healthy competition and also we encourage our students to participate in the State and National level Sports competitions Our expert coaches conduct practice sessions during and after college hours for all sports enthusiasts. 

Sports Committee Members:

Sr. No.

Name of member




Mr. Yogesh




Mrs. Shwetha


Vice chairman


Dr. Sindhu N Shetty




Mr. Dinesh Babu




ANUSPARDHA inter-college sports meet held at our college on 15-06-2023 was an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. The field was an electrifying atmosphere of competitiveness and camaraderie. Students from various colleges gathered together, united by their passion for sports.
Sports ranging from Kabaddi and Kho-kho, Tug of war, Throwball to Volleyball and Cricket were featured, providing a platform for students to display their talents. The level of competition was intense, with participants giving their all in every match. One of the most remarkable aspects of the inter-college sports meet was the sense of unity it fostered. Despite the rivalries on the field, there was a deep respect and appreciation among participants from different colleges.
Volunteers worked tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring smooth operations and managing the logistics of the event.

DIGHVIJAY News Channel celebrates the extraordinary achievements of our thrilling sports meets at @anupamacollegebangalore named as “ANUSPARDHA”! The exhilarating atmosphere filled with passion, skill, and camaraderie captivated both athletes and spectators alike. From record-breaking performances to awe-inspiring displays of athleticism, our sports meets have become the epitome of excellence. As DIGHVIJAY sheds a spotlight on these remarkable events, it highlights the dedication and determination of our athletes who push their limits to achieve greatness. The channel’s recognition serves as a testament to the hard work and commitment displayed by participants, coaches, and organizers. Our sports meets have truly become a symbol of unity, inspiration, and the power of human potential.”

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